🤯 Get 1000+ users with this marketing strategy

Remco van Akker
3 min readNov 11, 2023
Marketing strategy to get 1000 users

I’m in the learning process of creating several digital products including SaaS products. During my SaaS journey, I’ve learned many things about marketing and I want to share the things that helped me to get more users.

This article is for everyone who is looking to get more users for their software product.

It’s hard for many people who are just starting out with their first software product or website to get their first users. This strategy that I’m about to tell you will set your product up for success in the long term.

Develop free tools for your audience

I can name a company that grew to 583k MRR in 5 years. They get 7 million monthly visitors. How? by offering free tools.

The company’s name is Veed.io, maybe you’ve heard about it before.

The screenshot below shows how well veed.io is utilizing the “free tools” strategy to grow its traffic.

Use this strategy in your own niche to grow your traffic.

Play into your target audience's sentiment 👈

Let’s say you develop a Photoshop application. A big part of your target audience is already using a photoshop related application but you can capture a part of this audience by playing into their sentiment.

How? I will explain.

Some users are looking for features that are missing in the application that they are using at the moment. You also have a sentiment group of your target audience who are probably complaining about the pricing or that the application they are using has bugs.

Do you already have an idea of what I’m trying to tell you?

You want to aim at ‘already paying users’ (who are likely to also pay for your product) and convince them that your application might be the one they are looking for. To do this effectively, you want to play into sentiment.

Actively participate in discussions, address user concerns, and provide solutions to…