How Music 2 Tube Helped Producers Gain Thousands of Views on YouTube

Remco van Akker
3 min readJul 12, 2023
Preview of Music 2 Tube on Mac OS. Available at

In this article, we will explore how Music 2 Tube has helped numerous producers gain hundreds of subscribers and thousands of views on YouTube in a short period of time. Music 2 Tube is a powerful platform that simplifies the process of creating and distributing music videos, enabling producers to showcase their work effectively.

If you are familiar with the internet music production industry you know a lot of producers are uploading beats every day. This can be a challenging task to stay consistent in. Music 2 Tube eases this challenge and makes it easier for the producer, artist, or musician to upload his/her own work every day on YouTube.

Preview of the video creation page in Music 2 Tube.

Let’s dive into the ways Music 2 Tube has contributed to the rapid growth of subscribers for these producers.

  1. Quality videos: Music 2 Tube empowers producers to create videos for their music. The platform offers customization options, including images, backgrounds, and overlays, allowing producers to enhance the visual appeal of their videos. By presenting their music in a visually captivating manner, producers attract more viewers and increase the likelihood of gaining…