We created an Automated YouTube Channel in Python and it went viral 🚀

How we got millions of views, 51K+ subscribers, earned money with TikTok compilations, Reaction videos of Big YouTubers, and more.

Remco van Akker


YouTube channel statistics showing amount of views & subscribers
YouTube Analytics showing the channel statistics of Most Popular TikTok Compilations in Dutch of the past 365 days (8 Oct 2019 — 6 Oct 2020). 16.7 million views, 911.1K watch time, and 51.2K+ subscribers.

Table of contents

  • The story- how it started, how the channel went viral, reaction videos
  • Automating the video editing process
  • Video Design
  • How to monetize a YouTube compilation channel
  • How to score high in search results & be picked up by the YouTube algorithm
  • What about copyright?
  • Selling the channel
  • Conclusion

📖 How it started — Story

In 2019 my friends and I were looking for a project to work on just for fun during the summer. I went on YouTube and I was watching videos of different financial Youtubers like usual. One of them is called “Biaheza”. His video called “How People are Making Millions off Tik Tok” caught my attention. Why? because these channels generate millions of views so you would say they generate a lot of revenue, but is that really true?

I always wondered how compilation channels are monetized. How do they monetize their content while it isn’t theirs? Do they have to ask permission for using someone else's content? How about the music that is used in the videos? but most importantly…

How are the compilations created?

To be honest, I can’t imagine having fun while creating these compilations by copy-pasting the videos one-by-one. As a software developer, the first thought that came to my mind was…

Why wouldn’t you automate this process?

I did my research to see if it is possible to automate this in the programming language Python and sure it is! I got excited about the idea, we came up with a simple name for the channel called “Most Popular TikTok Compilations” which uses different keywords in it where people search on (you can view the YouTube channel by clicking here). After this, I got started with programming.